Like several hundred of my competitors, I could fill this page with statistics, graphs and clever adjectives to convince you advertising specialties are just the ticket but I found it exhausting just working on the research!  So instead...


True Story:  When I first started back in 1991 I had a meeting with a very important man and I was telling him how effective calendars can be, especially those little Press-n-Stick adhesive calendars. He was offended! “I don’t want any of that cheap plastic cra%”.  As the meeting progressed, he opened his heavy leather binder and stuck inside was someone else’s Press-n-Stick calendar!  We looked at each other, he snapped it closed and left at once.  Obviously, I didn’t get the biz but it proved to me, those little things are used by everybody.  Even very important people.


Back in the late 90’s, I got a very nice order from Alaska Railroad; 2000 embroidered patches. I found a great resource direct from China; top quality at a good price.  So they came in and all read “Alaska Safety Clue” instead of CLUB.  Little translation problem there…  I was able to replace the order on time and my client was happy.  I mention this because sometimes mistakes are unavoidable but I immediately face it and fix it. Period.


I did Alaska map calendars for my own self promotion several years ago.  I was on a phone bank at the Dallas-Ft Worth airport and spelled out my business name to someone on the phone.  A guy popped his head around the corner and said, “Hey! I have your calendar!!”  I don’t recall where he was from but the point is these things travel!  You just never know where your custom imprinted item will end up and who it will make contact with for you.


I had to get my windshield replaced recently and I chose Wasilla Lube Express on Swanson. They probably do just as good a job as the other six companies listed in the phone book but when I picked up my car, I found a little imprinted candy on my dashboard.  Such a small thing and even though I do this for a living, it made me smile and feel a little bit pampered.  A couple months later when I needed my annual oil change, I went back to them.  I think that's the secret trick to how this stuff works.  Other forms of advertising just don’t hit people the same way.